Nicole (iceberg_lettuce) wrote,

Strange encounter with a diablo man.

While playing diablo a person whispered to me and said hello and did I remember him.
Rob, he said.
Rob from school?
No, he said, Rob from the Navy.
I told him that I don't know anyone from the Navy. He said that he must have put me on his friends list because I was such a nice guy. I told him that I was female. Then he said that he only put me on his list because apparently I sold him a "kicking sword" and that he didn't bring over a pot-o-chicken.

A little while later he whispered me from a different account and told me that it was his son's old account, Nathan. I didn't know any Nathans either but I told him to take care anyhow. Then he told me that sometime he could bring over a "pot-o-chicken."
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